Von Drais

Our company is named after Baron Karl von Drais, the German inventor of the Laufmaschine (“Running Machine”). His invention, created in 1817, is commonly known as the first bicycle. It is in the creative spirit of Baron von Drais that we’ve made the V-Tag, our unique race number mounting system designed to securely hold a fully customizable tag on any bicycle. The tag can be used for race numbers, sponsorship logos, events branding, special offers, or any combination of this kind of information.

Our Inspiration

We’ve been there, and we get it. We’ve participated in countless triathlons, dualathons, and cycling races where our race number has been affixed awkwardly over the top tube of our bike, if it fit at all. These fluttering eyesores, which inevitably collect the splatter of gels, sweat, and sports drinks, have chaffed our in- ner thighs and led us to the conclusion that there had to be a better way. We hope you agree that the V-Tag system is the perfect solution, setting a new standard for how race numbers can be attached to a bike.

V-Tag: It’s all about the number!